Thursday, January 24, 2019

Labour Massage Techniques

Labour massage is a wonderful way to support a mother as she gives birth. It relieves some pregnancy discomfort and can reduce medical intervention (e.g. induction, epidurals and episiotomies) and length of labour.

Benedetta is trained to teach birth partners how to use massage during labour. Sessions include techniques to relieve pain from contractions and acupressure points to stimulate labour, as well as relaxation techniques for the mother.

Stressed partners may also benefit from regular relaxation massage sessions to release tension and maintain their own good health.

What the parents say

‘It was wonderful to be able to help at the birth and to know what to do at all the various stages.’

‘Thank you for teaching us. The birth went so well and my husband was able to use all the techniques. I found the ones on the lower back particularly good, as they really eased the pain.’

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Other pregnancy massage treatments:

Benedetta practices from her relaxed and comfortable rooms in the leafy Hermitage area of Morningside, Edinburgh.


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