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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Remedial Massage

Advanced massage techniques are effective for a wide range of ailments, including chronic back pain, trapped nerves, arthritis and migraine. 

Advanced remedial massage

Advanced remedial massage relieves acute or chronic pain and helps injuries heal faster, using deep tissue massage and other techniques. It is effective for muscular pain and spasms, as well as improving posture and increasing mobility.

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Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Long slow strokes are used on the affected area, either following or going across the muscle fibres, tendons and fascia.

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Myofascial release

This gentle but highly effective body of techniques works on the connective tissue that surrounds the muscle – the myofascia. Releasing tension in the fascia gives it back elasticity, allowing much greater muscle flexibility, blood supply and healing potential.

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Trigger point therapy

A technique that involves applying pressure on tiny knots sometimes found in muscle tissue. These are painful themselves and can cause pain in another part of the body.

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Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Frozen shoulder can severely restrict your ability to carry out some everyday tasks, and can last for 2-3 years without treatment. However, a well-targeted course of massage treatment can help speed up your recovery by quite a few months, and reduce pain and discomfort.

I practice from my relaxed and comfortable consulting room in the leafy Hermitage area of Morningside, Edinburgh.


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