Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Ligamentous Articular Strain Techniques (LAST)

I have undergone training in L.A.S.T. with the Canadian teacher Robert Libby

(I am 2nd from right in front row, next to Robert Libby)

The focus of L.A.S.T work is on the release of ligaments and tendons around joints.  It helps treat soft tissue injuries or conditions and dysfunctions of joints like the shoulder, lower back, hips, knee, legs, and foot.  The techniques used also influence the fascia system, and the central nervous system by working on sensory receptors of ligaments and tendons through steady deep tissue work.

L.A.S.T. can affect the following autonomic functions:

  • Lowering the sympathetic nervous system activity (fight or flight)
  • Decreasing deep tissue pressure sensitivity
  • Increasing pressure pain threshold
  • Lowering resting pain perception
  • Decreasing muscle tonicity
  • Changing local blood supply

Roberts Libby has produced very useful wall charts that show referral pain of ligamentous articular strain 


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