Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Emmett Technique

emmett technique edinburgh

The Emmett Technique is a safe, low-force treatment to help release muscles. It was developed by an Australian remedial therapist, Ross Emmett, and is used on both humans and animals to help ease pain and discomfort and to improve movement restrictions.

It uses light finger pressure on specific points and can gently release tension in the neck, shoulders, hip, back, knee, and foot. These points are held for up to 20 seconds until release is felt.

When working on tendons a 'Switch' technique can be used to help the muscles relax.

This light-pressure body therapy is like a reset button for the brain helping to combat stress and muscular pain. It works well with other forms of massage, and can be integrated with other modalities to provide a comprehensive release of tension.


emmett technique edinburgh


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