Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Importance Of Regular Walking

Walking Can Delay Brain Decline

In the USA the University of Pittsburgh has done a study of men and women aged 60 to 80 taking short walks three times a week. The results show that, over the course of a year, this physical activity increased the size of those brain regions that are linked to planning and memory. Professor Kirk Erickson, a neuroscientist in charge of this study, said, “With modest amounts of exercise, we were able to increase the size of these structures that typically deteriorate and precede the cognitive complaints that often come in late adulthood.”

As this is not a very taxing task, let’s put our walking shoes on three times per week to reverse the age clock of our brains!

Fascial Stretching

Why not discover the power of fascial stretching as part of your massage treatment in 2015?  I integrate this form of innovative stretching in my treatments and you can benefit from it.   My teachers Tom Myers and Robert Schleip recommend it to aid healing and recovery, and to improve overall functioning and wellbeing.  OPEN ATTACHED ARTICLE for more information.

Hope to see you in 2015!