Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dry Needling New To Massage Therapies!

Dry Needling for pain relief is a form of needling which works by secreting Endorphins and sending pulse signals to the spinal cord and brain which activates the built-in survivor mechanism needed to repair the needled lesions. It targets the self healing potential in each client and helps in the normalization of homeostasis.

Dry needling can also be used in the same way as trigger point acupuncture.
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Vitamin D And Muscle Health

I was interested to read in the Guardian of Friday 29th of November 2013, that ballet dancers who always trained indoors, developed vitamin D deficiencies which in turn led to more injuries. The study, made by researchers at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital by the University of Wolverhampton, and by the Jerwood Centre at Birmingham Royal Ballet,encourages trainers and medics to consider providing dancers with Vitamin D supplements in winter months as it improves muscle function and reduces injury occurrence. Dr Roger Wolman, consultant in rheumatology and sport and exercise at the RNOH said, "We know that vitamin D (deficiency) can affect bones. What’s become clear... is that vitamin D is also important for muscles.”