Monday, November 29, 2021

Sciatica-like symptoms

Did you know?    Sciatica-like symptoms are not always caused by an injured piriformis muscle


For example, pain in the sacral area, down the hamstrings, in the calf, and under the heel can all be caused by a sprained sacrotuberous ligament (illustrated below).  I can carry out the assessment, treatment, and guidance on suitable stretching routines for this kind of problem.

The sacrotuberous ligaments




Wonderful Lavender!


I use lavender to create a calming effect when doing a relaxing massage, or when working on shoulders, neck and face.   It is a great help for conditions such as insomnia, and also helps in the healing of small burns and wounds.  Inhalation of lavender when you have a cold or flu can be useful, and a drop in the bath can help ease muscle and joint pain.  The brand of massage wax I use is a natural product made in the UK, called Songbird.