Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Frozen shoulder can severely restrict your ability to carry out some everyday tasks, and can last for 2-3 years without treatment. However, a well-targeted course of massage treatment can help speed up your recovery by quite a few months, and reduce pain and discomfort.

Aware that this is a common complaint, Benedetta recently undertook a specialist massage course on treating shoulder girdle pain, including frozen shoulder.

Essential to effective treatment is a diagnosis so that she can work out which muscles might be the problem and need to be worked on. Questions Benedetta will ask you during the consultation include:

  • Where is the pain at the moment?
  • What movement or action makes it worse?
  • How long has it been going on?
  • What caused the problem? if known
  • Have you been to the doctor and been diagnosed?
  • Have you had an x-ray or MRI scan?

Frozen shoulder treatment may include trigger point therapymyofascial release and stretching.

She will also give you stretching homework and teach you how to do trigger point therapy yourself, along with appropriate application of heat, cold, or both.

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Benedetta practices from her relaxed and comfortable rooms in the leafy Hermitage area of Morningside, Edinburgh.

Foot Reflexology



Foot reflexology can be a helpful as part of a whole person approach to a health problem, rather than treating specific physical symptoms. It helps:

  • increase relaxation
  • release tension
  • improve sleep
  • improve mood
  • increase well-being

It is suitable for people of all ages, babies, young children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, and can be used to support people with a very wide range of minor and major conditions.

The client remains fully clothed during treatment, except for the feet, and semi-reclines on the couch.

I have completed advanced training in reflexology with the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation

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Also Available: 

Induction Reflexology to aid the birthing process

The aim of this therapy, which is focussed on the feet, is "priming for labour"
It is not about forcing anything but about dissolving blockages and creating deep relaxation
The pleasure experienced via the feet will relax you totally and the baby will also enjoy the session via the placenta
The treatment will reduce the adrenal hormone (flight or fight) and will increase oxytocin hormone necessary in labour

Here are the goals of Induction Reflexology:
To relax
To ground the woman
To stimulate hormones
To tonify the uterine muscles in a safe manner
The treatment includes effleurage with BeeBalm (Olive oil, beeswax, propolis and vitamin E), endocrine (hormonal) balancing and stimulation, as well as classical reflexology to both feet, ankles, and lower calves

I will also incorporate Chinese Acupressure Points in the treatment to stimulate labour, targeting Spleen 6, Liver 3 and Hoku points on the hand

Pregnant women are advised to have a series of these treatments leading up to the due date

See my pages on reflexology to discover more about this useful and relaxing procedure

Other specialist therapies:

I practice from my relaxed and comfortable consulting room in the leafy Hermitage area of Morningside, Edinburgh.