Wednesday, August 04, 2021


Massage Therapies is now open


The opening hours are as follows:

Monday 9am-4pm

Tuesday 9am-3pm

Wednesday 9am-3.30pm

Thursday 9am-4pm

Friday 9am-3pm

My experience of re-opening after the last lockdown was that once used to all the precautions and safety procedures, the restrictions became part of the routine, and do not get in the way of the full benefit from a treatment aimed at helping your aches and pains, and relieving stress.

I know this new re-opening will work smoothly and we will all be more reassured, both by the fact that I have had both my vaccines, and that for most people the first vaccine at least will already have been administered.   I am looking forward tremendously to working with you and to contributing to your general health and wellbeing at the end of this very unsettling time in our lives.