If you wish to book please get in touch by phone/text 07938 097596, or email  as soon as you can to request an appointment This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

There will be many protocols in operation to safeguard everyone, and special conditions that are compulsory.  Here are the most important ones for you first, then I will list other precautions and details of what I will be doing, for your safety and information

There are 4 sections to ensure your safety: 

  • Procedures
  • Appointments
  • Safety within the consulting room
  • Covid-19 Red Flags


Section 1

PROCEDURES for your safety

Please note, you require to sign a full disclaimer form before each treatment.  A copy is attached below for you to examine in detail. 

You will need to print it out,  fill in the questions, and sign it please 


  • YOU MUST USE THE HAND SANITISER PROVIDED IN THE VESTIBULE, as soon as you arrive, and at the end of the treatment.  You require to remove your shoes at the door and place them in the box provided, before entering the consulting room
  • I WILL TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE  remotely at the door as a precaution, and if it is high we will not proceed
  • YOUR CLOTHING REQUIRES TO BE STORED in a plastic container during the treatment.  The container will be disinfected between clients
  • IF YOU WORK FOR THE NHS OR IN AN OFFICE, and are coming from work, please shower and change your clothing before coming

 Section 2


  • Once you have booked, I will arrange to phone you the day before your appointment for a brief consultation.  This saves any face to face contact on the day of treatment
  • Treatment times will be 25 or 45 minutes to allow extra time for cleaning
  • Please arrive promptly at your designated appointment time and not earlier
  • Do not bring bags or other belongings with you.  If you come by car please store them safely out of sight
  • Please pay in advance by bank transfer (B Gaetani T/A Massage Therapies, Sort code 80-22-60 Account 06360791) If this is impossible you can use my contactless card machine, (£1 charge), or place cash in an envelope that I will provide
  • I will look out for you arriving so that you do not have to ring the doorbell, or touch any surfaces, and will have the door open as you arrive
  • At this time the toilet can only be used in emergencies and otherwise is out of bounds
  • You require to sign a disclaimer form on every visit.  Please print it out beforehand, fill it in,  sign it and bring it with you to the appointment.
  • If you need to drink please bring your own water bottle

Section 3

Safety within the consulting room

  • I will greet you at the door wearing PPE consisting of face visor, mask, and plastic apron.  I will remove my visor only when you are face down on the massage table.  I will wash my hands immediately after the treatment finishes  
  • There will be at least 30 minutes between clients to allow time for room cleaning and airing, and for me to thoroughly wash my hands
  • The arm chair and couch will be covered with disposable paper which will be changed and disposed of safely after every use
  • Lightweight  sheets will cover the body and will be changed and washed after each use.    Pillow covers are water resistant and easily disinfected after each use
  • The room will be ventilated after each person and I have a strict cleaning rota which I will adhere to after each client including disinfecting the outer bannister on the stairway and gate after each visit
  • The rug under the face cradle will be covered by a plastic sheet for easy cleaning

Section 4 

COVID 19 red flags requiring consent of GP:

  • Those shielding vulnerable members
  • Those who have been in contact with anyone suffering from Covid-19  
  • Anyone currently receiving treatment for cancer, suffering lung conditions or is post operative
  • Anyone experiencing post Covid-19 circulatory complications like deep vein thrombosis, micro-embolisms, stroke symptoms or pulmonary embolism, pregnancy, heart and respiratory conditions, suppressed immune  systems, diabetes 


Benedetta Gaetani d’Aragona   

Member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation