Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Covid-19 work update


Covid-19 work update

Here is my update for when I can possibly start my practice again, which will be in phase 3 of Nicola Sturgeon’s plan, maybe at the end of July or in August. So there is some light at the end of this long tunnel l!!!!!

But if you need help before please don’t hesitate to call me. At the moment I am offering free of charge until the end of June an online consultation for advice or practical instructions for self-help. So please send me your email address so that we can use Zoom for your consultation or we can do it over the phone or on What’s App.


Lower back compression at Quadratus Lumborum muscles

If you feel tight around your middle after sitting for long periods, or when you stand up:

Sit on a chair and apply equal pressure with your thumbs to both QL points as per photograph below and hold for up to 20 seconds, then release and repeat up to 3 times


3 Techniques for upper shoulder tension at the Trapezium muscle





Trigger point for shoulder tension

Put a tennis ball into an old sock, stocking or sleeve, tie a knot, then place it over your shoulder.  Lean against a wall looking for the tender spot and stay there holding the compression or moving around on the tender spot until you feel relief


Shoulder Compression

Take the top of your shoulder in your opposite hand and compress the muscle.   As you hold the muscle in your hand you can lift your shoulder slowly towards your ear several times until you feel relief.