Induction Reflexology to aid the birthing process

The aim of this therapy, which is focussed on the feet,  is "priming for labour"
It is not about forcing anything but about dissolving blockages and creating deep relaxation
The pleasure experienced via the feet will relax you totally and the baby will also enjoy the session via the placenta
The treatment will reduce the adrenal hormone (flight or fight) and will increase oxytocin hormone necessary in labour 

Here are the goals of Induction Reflexology:

  • To relax
  • To ground the woman
  • To stimulate hormones
  • To tonify the uterine muscles in a safe manner 

The treatment includes effleurage with BeeBalm (Olive oil, beeswax, propolis and vitamin E), endocrine (hormonal) balancing and stimulation, as well as classical reflexology to both feet, ankles, and lower calves 

I will also incorporate Chinese Acupressure Points in the treatment to stimulate labour, targeting Spleen 6, Liver 3 and Hoku points on the hand

Pregnant woman are advised to have a series of these treatments leading up to the due date

See my pages on reflexology to discover more about this useful and relaxing procedure