I have recently completed a long workshop with Robert Libbey who is a specialist in Ligamentous Articular Strain Techniques from Canada



 The focus of this work is on releasing ligaments around joints to help treat soft tissue injuries and conditions and dysfunction of the joint in question and we learned how to work on ligaments of the Shoulder and Hips and Pelvis.
This body of techniques influences both the Fascial and the Central Nervous System by working on Sensory Nerve Receptors that respond to deep preassure on ligaments and tendons L.A.S.T. can also affect the following autonomic functions:

  • lowering the sympathetic nervous system activity or the Fight or Flight Mechanism
  • decreasing deep tissue preassure sensitivity
  • increasing pressure pain threshold
  • lowering resting rate perception
  • decreasing muscle tonicity
  • changing local blood supply
  • better proprioception i.e. ones awareness of body parts in space

Robert Libbey has also pioneered and produced a couple of charts that show referral pain of ligaments which are a very useful diagnostic tool for a client assessment.