Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Massage Waxes

Why waxes not oils?

Many people associate oils with massage. However oils have disadvantages both for the massager and the massaged – they are slippery and so give less control to the therapist, they spill, and they leave an oily residue on the skin which many clients complain about. So in come waxes….

Organic massage waxes, neutral and scented

Massage waxes melt immediately onto the skin, giving a perfect surface for the massage therapist to work on. Benedetta uses organic waxes made of beeswax. They come in neutral or a wide range of beautiful scents, including lavender.

Massage waxes for different conditions

Massage waxes are specifically made for the treatment of different conditions, including sports injuries, inflammation, aches and pains. Scented waxes help relaxation and de-stressing, and have mood lifting qualities. The orange and spice blend also helps detox the body.

More information: Songbird Massage Waxes


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