Recover From A Stroke Or Heart Disease With A Vegan Diet

Did you know that former US President Bill Clinton is now a vegan? Having had quadruple heart bypass surgery, he adopted a vegan diet recommended by heart expert Dr Caldwell B Esseltyn and has made an impressive recovery.

Dr Esseltyn has been researching the impact of diet on people with advanced heart disease for 20 years and has found significant results from a regime free of oil and animal products. Here are the essentials:

No, no, no…

  • Meat, poultry and fish (nothing with a mother or a face, he says!)
  • Dairy products
  • Oil of any kind (not a drop, not even olive oil)
  • Nuts or avocados

Yes, yes, yes…

  • All vegetables, except avocados
  • All pulses – beans, peas, lentils of all kinds
  • Whole grains, and products made from them (e.g. bread, pasta) so long as there is no added fat
  • All fruits

Reference: Love Heart, article by Juliet Gellatley

Further reading

Desk Exercises For The Office Bound

Sitting still for hours on end builds up tension in the body which can lead to stress and muscular problems. If your job involves long periods of time sat at a desk, here are some exercises that should help:

  1. Sit with your bottom against the back of your chair, shoulders relaxed with shoulder blades squeezed together. Now stretch your neck to one side taking your ear to your shoulder and hold for 5 seconds. Raise your head back to the middle and repeat on the  other side.
  2. Fold your arms in front of you and rotate your body from the waist  first to the left and then to the right.
  3. Now stretch your left arm in front of you and put your right hand around your left wrist. Imagine that you are pulling your left arm forward as though out of its socket. To do this, you need to roll your head forward to your chest and let your whole body relax and slump down. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Move around a bit every 20 minutes, change position or walk to the water cooler.

After work, try to do something a bit more strenuous – have a walk, go to the gym, stretch, swim, do yoga, pilates, tai chi or cycle – anything to counterbalance the slumped static posture so often held during a day at the office.